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July 2011

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    Neue Steige 1
    D-73342 Bad Ditzenbach

Graphics of the month

Graphical spin-off from testing the direct midpoint integrator

Graphics of the month archive

Testpatterns in high resolution (4k by 4k pixel, PNG-format, 477 kB), free download

The patterns are made of patches of the 9 colors Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Yellow, Cyan, Black, Gray, White. For each pair of these colors there are places in the pattern where these colors meet along a line. This color-separating lines can be found to form nearly any angle with the lines and the columns of the pixel pattern. Further, the color patches all are of the same shape and vary only in size and orientation. The size varies over quite large a range. To find a pattern with these properties was suggested by John Weldy and the solution here was developed by Helmut Domes and me when we all were working for Eastman Kodak Company.

Latest versions of electronic articles on Computation Inspired Physics, mainly dealing with computational methods for Classical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics

For most of these articles an early version is stored in the preprint archive of the International Association of Mathematical Physics or in the arXiv preprint archive.

Pedagogical remarks on mathematical or physical topics

Work in progress or recently finished

Physics animations, done by means of cpm

Collection of files in the Computable Document Format (cdf). Needs the free Wolfram CDF Player.

Presently the following files work with version 10 of the CDF Player.


Curriculum vitae

Picture Gallery


Cornell University press release

Scientific Software by Ulrich Mutze

cpm is a small and clean sub-language of C++

= C + − = C plus minus = C Plus Minus = CPM = Classes for Physics and Mathematics =
Classes for Physics and Mathematics

cpm line graphics capability

cpm stereo (anaglyph) imaging capability

cpm software descriptions

cpm code and Code::Blocks project files

Free Ruby code


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